How the printing process works with inkr Printing

Most everyone has printed a document to their home or office printer. You prepare your file and then hit print. Assuming everything is plugged in and working properly, your printer will shoot out a piece of paper with your file on it. But what if you want to print several thousand copies; or need it to be folded; or saddlestitched; or riveted; or printed on vinyl stickers, metal, cardboard, cardstock, or labels? What if you need it on something bigger than your printer can handle?

You need professional help. You need inkr Printing.

We’ve been putting ink on stuff since 1983. We know how to get your project from your computer screen to the world. We can take your small format print projects (think booklets, brochures, business cards, copies, invitations) and get them printed, folded and stapled. We can take your large format dreams (think banners, signs, and posters) and make them real!

Step 1: Prepare art file

We need something to print … and in today’s world, that means we need a digital file that’s ready to print. Even if it’s a Word document, we still call it art. We prefer to receive everything as a PDF file, but if you’re not sure what to do, send us what you have and we can help you get it ready.

Step 2: Tell us what you want

Send us your art and tell us your specifications. Is it black/white or full color? How many do you want? Full bleeds or margins? Single or double-sided? Do you want it stapled, folded, laminated? Do you want it on paper, foam core, corrugated vinyl, labels, a metal sheet?

Step 3: Wait for it to show up

Once we’ve got your art file and your specifications, all you need to do is wait for it to come out of the printer. We can then ship it to you or have it ready for pick up. Seriously … that’s it!