inkr Printing was formed in late 2019, when a team of entrepreneurs acquired ARTECH Graphics, a printing company established in 1983. These entrepreneurs have extensive experience in business management, leadership, sales, marketing, graphic design, finance, and printing. We provide printing services for local and regional clients needing small and large format prints.


Print on anything 8×16 feet and up to 2 inches thick!

Canon Arizona 6170 XTS

The Canon Arizona 6170 XTS is an exceptional device, with exceptional image quality, speed and flexibility. inkr recently acquired a second Canon Arizona 6170 XTS, doubling our print capability and speed. We can now print better and faster than ever before.

Print it big

The 6170 has a print surface of 8 x 16 feet. That means we can really make your message stand out.

Print it fast

The 6170 can print 20 4’x8′ sheets per hour. That’s a lot of ink on a lot of surface with a whole lot of fast.

Print on anything

As long as it’s flat and less than 2 inches thick, we can print on it: wood, metal, plastic, paper, you name it.

Print in vivid color

The 6170 has 7 ink channels: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, and WHITE.


Cut any shape from any medium

Zünd G3 2 XL 3200

The first choice in digital cutting, Zünd’s modular systems are highly sought-after solutions for processing a wide variety of materials. Multi functional Zünd cutting solutions are used around the globe in many different applications.

Cut any shape

Cut circles, rounded rectangles, amoeba-shaped door hangers, donuts, or dodecahedrons!

Cut anything

With a number of modules and blades to choose from, we can cut pretty much anything.

Tell it what to cut

Put your printed material on the bed, load your AI artwork with a layer of cut lines and walk away.

Cut, perforate, bevel

Cut, score, perforate, or bevel edges with the swappable Zünd modules.


Print large labels, stickers, banners, and art

MimakiJV300 – 160 PLUS

The Mimaki JV300 is capable of printing high quality labels and stickers on a wide variety of media. With a print maximum of 64” wide, you can print on materials ranging from Tyvek to vinyl to canvas.

Print decals

The Mimaki JV300 can print the stickers and decals that you need. For vehicles, branded helmets and sports equipment, and more.

Print stickers

Print your logo and stick it to your storefront. Post your open hours on the window. Make point of sale stickers to help drive sales.

Print banners

Print fine art banners on roll-to-roll paper, vinyl, and more. With solvent-based inks your art will weather any storm.

Print wraps

Print vinyls and make your fleet of vehicles mobile billboards! Make your mission known with colorful and impactful designs!


Print flyers, booklets, cards, copies, envelopes, and more

Ricoh Pro C9210 Graphic Arts Series

The Ricoh Pro C9210 delivers the most adaptable capabilities on the market: Unmatched application flexibility, unsurpassed image quality, professional-grade finishing, enhanced reliability and security, plus advanced tools and automation.

Ooo … the color

With automated, semi-automated, and manual color control options, your projects will dazzle and pop with vibrant and accurate color!

Ah, the resolution

George McFly from Back to the Future said it best, “You are my density!” Stunning images at 2400×4800 dpi resolution.

It’s fast

Regardless of paper weight, the Ricoh pushes paper through at a stunning 135 pages per minute. Not bad for those last minute print projects.

It does it all

Print more than just flat goods! Print envelopes, or cartons, or 3D displays, multipage booklets, and more. Your imagination is your limit.


Cut, slit, crease, fold, and perforate

Duplo DC 618

The fully automated DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is Duplo’s compact yet powerful, precision finisher. With its ability to slit/cut/crease and perforate in a single pass, the DC-618 delivers professionally finished applications up to 23 sheets per minute.

Cut it

The Duplo DC 618 cuts out cards, business cards with crisp clean cuts in seconds!

Crease or slit it

Add creases or slits to make folded cards, booklet covers, and more.

Fold it

Create tabletop displays or other 3D shapes by folding along crease lines.

Perforate it

Add tear off tabs with fully automated strike perforations.