Print on anything 8×16 feet and up to 2 inches thick!

The Canon Arizona 6170 XTS is an exceptional device, with exceptional image quality, speed and flexibility. inkr recently acquired a second Canon Arizona 6170 XTS, doubling our print capability and speed. We can now print better and faster than ever before.

Print it big

The 6170 has a print surface of 8 x 16 feet. That means we can really make your message stand out.

Print it fast

The 6170 can print 20 4’x8′ sheets per hour. That’s a lot of ink on a lot of surface with a whole lot of fast.

Print on anything

As long as it’s flat and less than 2 inches thick, we can print on it: wood, metal, plastic, paper, you name it.

Print in vivid color

The 6170 has 7 ink channels: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, and WHITE.