Print flyers, booklets, cards, copies, envelopes, and more

The Ricoh Pro C9210 delivers the most adaptable capabilities on the market: Unmatched application flexibility, unsurpassed image quality, professional-grade finishing, enhanced reliability and security, plus advanced tools and automation.

Ooo … the color

With automated, semi-automated, and manual color control options, your projects will dazzle and pop with vibrant and accurate color!

Ah, the resolution

George McFly from Back to the Future said it best, “You are my density!” Stunning images at 2400×4800 dpi resolution.

It’s fast

Regardless of paper weight, the Ricoh pushes paper through at a stunning 135 pages per minute. Not bad for those last minute print projects.

It does it all

Print more than just flat goods! Print envelopes, or cartons, or 3D displays, multipage booklets, and more. Your imagination is your limit.